Genital Warts

Genital Warts are the most visible symptom found in some forms of the sexually transmitted disease known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Genital Warts are not found in the kind of HPV which causes anal and cervical cancer but they are highly contagious and among the most transmittable sexually transmitted diseases. HPV is incredibly common and the US Centers for Disease Control has stated that most people will contract HPV at some point in their lives.

genital warts cureHPV is a virus and it stays in the body once contracted. It cannot be cured. However, the primary symptom of HPV known as genital warts is not usually permanent, although it can be long-lasting, taking as long as eighteen months to clear out of one’s system. When genital warts do stop showing up on the body they can go into a period of latency for months or years. It is always a good idea for individuals at risk of contracting HPV from a sexual partner to have themselves vaccinated. However, vaccination only protects against the higher risk forms of HPV which are not the same ones that cause genital warts.

Although genital warts cannot be cured, genital warts treatments are available and genital warts medication is also available. It is not uncommon for victims of HPV to have their warts surgically removed and there are a variety of methods available for doing so. However, there are often unwanted side effects from this course of action such as scarring and depigmentation. The alternative to surgery is topical treatment using crèmes and ointments. Podofilox is a gel that is applied to the infected area and should not be washed off if it is to be effective. Podofilox can cause some pain and is applied twice a day for several days. It is known to be effective.

Another genital warts treatment that has proven effective is Sinecatechins, which can be found in Eregen and Polyphenon E. Sinecatechins comes from green tea with certain chemical components mixed in for potency. Sinecatechins is more effective than other treatments and is less irritating, but it takes a fairly long time to work.

Imiquimod is a crème designed to boost the body’s pre-existing immune responses. In terms of irritation it falls between the other two drugs. Imiquimod is effective, but it has some side effects.  It can cause fungal infections to develop, and it makes some people feel very sick. Sometimes the drug Interferon is very effective, but it cost considerably more than the other solutions and does not work for all patients.  There are many genital warts treatments that are generally not a good idea to try as they are either not FDA approved or they have not shown sufficient evidence of working.